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We offer a number of services ranging from one on one consulting to full strategic implementation - in person or remotely.

Māori / Iwi Engagement Strategy

Are you going to be working with Māori, Iwi or hapū?


We can help you to be more confident when engaging with Te Ao Māori whether that be iwi, hapū, communities or individuals.

Strategic Planning and Leadership

Is your workplace or organisation wanting to integrate key principles of the Treaty of Waitangi, tīkanga and te ao Maori?


Understand how Māori values and concepts can help your business or organisation be more sustainable.

An Introduction to key Te Ao Maori Concepts

Understand the 5 key areas of te ao maori and how they apply to your organisation or workplace.

We will cover:

  • Tikanga

  • Rangatiratanga

  • Manaakitanga

  • Kotahitanga

  • Whanaungatanga

Introduction to Te Tiriti and noho marae

Understand Te Tiriti through a marae stay 

Increase your understanding of HOW Te Tiriti o Waitangi provides a template for relationship building.

  • Day 1 - The relationship starts with me coming into your space for introductions that feel familiar to you.

  • Day 2 - He noho marae - Whakatau - You come to me. An opportunity to leave Tāmaki Mākarau-Auckland to stay 2 nights on one of my hapu’s marae in Te Tai Tokerau. Experience tikanga/our values, lens and ways, in practice.

  • Day 3 - An introduction to Te Tiriti o Waitangi on the whenua, the grounds of Waitangi. A significant starting point for our manuhiri to Aotearoa, New Zealand, Te Tangata Te Tiriti.

  • Day 4 - We formally wrap up the whole experience, with a look at how to build the relationship going ahead.

  • Ongoing

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